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Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr
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What to look for this spring

The latest fashion offerings for Spring 2017 have been displayed, observed, dissected and examined. Vestiges of 2016 remain popular with many brands. For example, vetements (clothing without frills) hoodies and off the shoulder tops, also called Bardot tops, are hanging on, but just barely. However, 2017 bodes well for plenty of skin exposure via an emphasis on bra tops and off one shoulder tops.

Apparently the active/sport look continues to hold sway at brands like Alexander Wang, DKNY and Lacoste, along with others. And while most brands stuck with the tried and true method of presenting what will be available in the near future, a few brands decided to try something new, offering buyers the opportunity to "wrap it up, I'll take it" on the spot. It will be interesting to see if this new-fangled system works out or not. Opinions are divided, but many industry insiders feel the "see it and buy it" system is risky.

Here are the top trends for Spring 2017:

Khaki Is Back

Once upon a time, beige was blah, considered a "wash out color," like yellow or orange. But Beyonce and Kim Kardashian changed that perception. So beige is back and the blah aspects of khaki eschewed by adding compressed waists and girlish ruffles. Brands taking advantage of the khaki trend are Ulla Johnson and Dion Lee.


Laces or what once were called "spaghetti-straps" will be holding things together come this Spring. Arm ties, bare crisscrossed waists, sliced and diced tops and strappy dresses are definitely in for Spring, as evidenced by offerings from Milly, Alexander Wang and Kaelen.

Ruffles Without Ridges

Ruffles are a designer favorite for Spring 2017, and not the potato chips. We're talking bouncing, flouncing, prancing ruffles of every size and shape. The best of the best offset the feminine ruffles with a silky sophistication that avoids the Ringling Brothers Circus look. Expansive, ruffled skirts provide an exaggerated girlish aspect, while lop-side dresses and off one shoulder tops emanate a hint of bad girl sexiness.


Corey Hart sang about wearing his sunglasses at night. And Timbuk 3 sang about a future so bright they had to wear shades. Now that neon is back, you might want to invest in excellent sunglasses. Those designers opting for an electrical glow include Delpozo, Jason Wu, Philip Lim and DKNY, although the latter's offerings are primarily for the gym or athletic events. Still, all things considered, fluorescent evening wear, a la Delpozo, just doesn't seem stylistically correct.

The Oxford Look

Designers reached into the past and latched onto the classic Oxford shirt, then turned it every which way but loose, coming up with unique, stylish interpretations: ruffles, oblique shoulders, along with bigger and better profiles. All of which shuns the stuffed-shirt look of Wall Street bankers, imbuing it with elegant flamboyance. This new version of an oldie but a goody has much to offer.

Bad Girl

More is better pervades at Marc Jacobs, Baja East and Coach in 2017. The bad girl look is one that will never go out of style. Of course, you have to be cool to even consider adopting it, and exude tons of attitude to pull it off. Interpretations range from the glam look of KISS to the stone-cold killer style of The Walking Dead's "don't mess with me" bad girls. There's a rude, harsh-textured energy to it, with understated almost palpable dark resolve.

Behind Blue Eyes

Blue is the new black in 2017. Every hue of blue is on display, from azure to indigo, which makes a nice break from shades of grey and somber black. Blue is a color that doesn't establish artificial tensions in observers, while simultaneously providing an ascetic, austere look with the right accessories. A flexible color, blue can take you anywhere.

Bra Tops

A few years ago, bra straps were deemed a fashion statement. But that was then and this is now. Designers such as Alexander Wang, Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch inject new life into the bra, taking it out of the undergarment arena and making it the star of the show. Options for the bra top this Spring include dress skirts, low-rise jeans, form fitting suits and shorts. Confidence and a flat stomach are axiomatic.

Flower Power

Nothing new here, except this year's offerings avoid the middle-aged look associated with florals. Designers keep their florals girlish and energetic, bedizening layered skirts, flouncy jumpsuits and roomy sleeves with crisp, tasteful patterns. A warm, Spring day beckons for the polished simplicity of a floral top.


Stripes, especially horizontal stripes in bold prismatic colors, make their presence known this Spring. Streaks, bars, lines and thick bands of color attach brilliant verve to tops, dresses and skirts. The accent color is black rather than white, because black emphasizes the unflinching colors, whereas white tends to soften. Be brave and go for horizontal flamboyance.

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