Natalie Boras

Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras
Natalie is a businesswoman, model and the daughter of the biggest sports agent in terms of MLB. | Natalie Boras, Model, Sports,

A perfect blend of curves and muscle, booking every day In your modeling career, what feature sells you the most?

Natalie Boras: I would have to say it is tie between my face and my butt, ahah. I love what I do and when I am on set I am genuinely smiling and laughing in most of my photos and I think that translates in my work and people enjoy working with and love to rehire someone who is happy to be there. Of course, in the land of swimwear and tight-fitted clothing, a butt is a rarity that sets me apart from the pack.

AND: What do you think of the clothes subscription concept, such as Vetta?

NB: I think the initial concept of Vetta is genious and anything that simplifies the shopping process sounds great to me. An eco-friendly brand spreading global awareness through five styles that then creates thirty outfits, is a basis for guilt-free success. Add a subscription and I'm in!

AND: To improve the modeling industry, what three things would you do with a magic wand?

NB: I know one thing I would change: The casting process. I think that castings should be done out of the [modeling] agency. I wish potential clients would go to the agency and see the requested models. This way, on casting days the girls aren't running around from OC to Malibu to downtown to WeHo, because we all know how bad traffic can be. The modeling industry is ever-changing and open-minded for the next best thing. I love that because you don't need a magic wand to create change. You just need to put yourself out there and be that change. I'm only 5'7 with curves and muscle. I am not your typical build for a model but here I am doing what I want and booking everyday because I am confident and I believe I can change this industry without a magic wand.

Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras

I would much rather be embarrassed! I love being put on-the-spot and seeing how I recover. Also, I am not a bully and would never want to embarrass anyone. -- Natalie Boras | Natalie Boras, Model, Sports, Mask, Face,

AND: Have you ever worked for someone you didn't believe in?

NB: If I don't support or like the brand then I turn down the casting. I don't want to waste their time or mine and wouldn't want to misrepresent my brand.

AND: When and what was your last substantial impulsive decision?

NB: In January I walked into a house in Venice and it just felt 100 percent right. I signed the [purchase] papers that day and love where I live!

AND: What's more important to you, politics or religion?

NB: Religion is the hand that guides and politics border that path. There are so many contradicting beliefs out there and politics result as the solution for peaceful coexistence. Religion is more important to me because it answers the big questions in life and the purpose of my existence. But socially, one without the other would be complete anarchy.. and both of the these topics are not allowed at the dinner table! Ahah!

AND: What is your favorite food?

NB: Movie popcorn.

AND: What social issue is most important to you this week, literally?

NB: This is so small I know, but i have been fighting for Astro Turf in my front and back yard. So much water is wasted every day and I'm not quitting until the sprinklers get turned off permanently.

John John Florence
John John Florence

John John Florence, born October 18, 1992, is a professional surfer from Hawaii. He is known as "one of the most dominant Pipe surfers of his era" and for his tube riding and aerial abilities. | Photo: Morgan Maassen | Link | John John Florence, Surfer, Athlete, Hawaii, Freckles,

AND: You've said John John Florence was your favorite surfer. Why?

NB: I feel like I grew up with him I guess. He was my first crush when I was little. The first crush is always the one you remember. And, he is still crushing it, so I think I chose well.

AND: Would you rather embarrass someone or be embarrassed?

NB: I would much rather be embarrassed! I love being put on-the-spot and seeing how I recover. Also, I am not a bully and would never want to embarrass anyone. I do go out of my way to scare people though. My friends now check under their beds and around dark corners because I get a kick out of popping out of those unexpected places.

Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras

What feature sells you the most? I would have to say it is tie between my face and my butt, ahah. --Natalie Boras | Photo: Corey Wilson | Link | Natalie Boras, Model, Sports, Butt, Bottom, Ocean,

AND: If you could add any degree to your name, what would it be?

NB: Definitely a Veterinary degree! I loveeeee animals and when I see a wounded turtle or hurt pup, it would be awesome to help them at that exact moment.

AND: Describe your love life.

NB: Ummmmm... My boyfriend is my best friend. We have been besties since high school and live in Venice together. Life is easy. We enjoy doing the same things and love adventures and most importantly adventures with eachother.

AND: Should there be a Zoolander sequel, or should the classic be left untouched?

NB: I don't think there could ever be another Zoolander that could come close to beating the first. Leave it be.

The hawksbill sea turtle
The hawksbill sea turtle

The hawksbill sea turtle is a critically endangered sea turtle belonging to the family Cheloniidae. It is the only extant species in its genus. The species has a worldwide distribution, with Atlantic and Pacific subspecies. | Photo: | The Hawksbill Sea Turtle, Ocean, Endangered, Beauty,

If you didn't already know...

Epilogue: If you didn't already know, Natalie's dad is Scott Dean Boras, a sports agent, specializing in baseball. He is the founder, owner and president of the Boras Corporation, a sports agency based in Newport Beach, California that represents roughly 175 professional baseball clients, including many of the game's highest-profile players. Boras has brokered many record-setting contracts since 1982, and many of his clients, including Shin-Soo Choo, Jacoby Ellsbury, Prince Fielder, Matt Holliday, Alex Rodriguez (until 2010), Max Scherzer, and Jayson Werth are among the highest paid in the game. Since 2013, Forbes magazine has named Boras the "Most Powerful Sports Agent in the World."

Natalie is represented by newMARK models, a print modeling agency located in the heart of Hollywood, California. From their site, "...Our goal is to make a new mark of excellence on the industry. Our models can expect an individualized strategy for their career management. Our clients will be provided with a structured approach to bookings. We deliver friendly and professional services resulting in a memorable business experience."

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