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Christina Hendricks
Christina Rene Hendricks, born May 3, 1975, is an American actress who plays Joan Harris on the AMC cable television series Mad Men and played Saffron on the FOX series Firefly. She has been nominated for three Emmy Awards for her work on Mad Men. | Photo: | Christina Hendricks, Actress, Emmy, Mad Men, Sexy, Curvy, Breasts, Redhead, Cleavage ,

Bringing classy vintage style to modern fashion

If "Mad Men" has taught us anything it is that mid-century fashion will never go out of style. Being fashionable in the modern world does not mean abandoning the class and sophistication of yesteryear. There is a reason trendy fabrics and jelly shoes get tossed out, fringe and halters are relegated to the back of your closet, but that little black dress and neutral-toned flats are a mainstay. Simple and chic always look good, but classic doesn't have to mean bland. Unique patterns and vibrant colors are always appealing if the fabric is natural, subtle and appealing to the eye.

When an item of clothing or an accessory seem overly trendy, it probably is and it will most likely end up in a Hefty bag in the back of your closet awaiting its trip to the Good Will. Ever notice how many pashminas, designer-emblazoned midriff-baring t-shirts, and skorts fill the racks at every thrift store? It is much trickier finding a black or brown leather belt, a fitted jacket, or a pencil skirt in those same thrift stores because those items will always be integral to everyone's wardrobe year after year. The April Showers dress by Modcloth harkens back to a time of fun and frolic adorning whimsical colorful umbrellas and has an adorable belted waist.

Grandma was right, leaving something to the imagination is important which is why highlighting your best features while covering the rest of your body in gorgeous fabrics is always a good idea. A mini-dress with sheer bell sleeves allows your glorious gams to be the star of the show while keeping the rest of you a carefully veiled treasure to be discovered. If you want to go for an even sexier party dress try the shoulder-baring Sequined Diamond-Lace Dress by Shelli Segal. Plus, classic styles are flattering to every figure.

Keeping up a posh style is not seasonal. A sharp sweater like the Pattern Sweater by Boden will keep you cozy in the winter months, while the Seasons in the Sun mint Polk-a-dot two piece by Mod will create elegance during the summer months.

Even bedtime can hold a certain classiness. The Vintage Sweetest Dreams Nightgown by Mod elicits a time of innocence while remaining adorable and comfortable. Bedtime for men could include the dashing cotton poplin pajama set by J. Crew giving their significant other visions of Don Draper.

Pulling off a vintage feel has never been easier, just ask Zooey Deschanel, and incorporating simple classic pieces into your wardrobe now will ensure less self-reflective cringing in your future.

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