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Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton
Michelle Williams, for Vuitton - Returning for her third season as the face of Louis Vuitton's Lockit and Capucines handbags, actress Michelle Williams poses for Peter Lindbergh in a set of studio portraits. Her shorn locks are slightly mused while she wears a a "Baby Doll" dress designed by new creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. | Photo: Louis Vuitton | Link | Louis Vuitton, Michelle Williams, Handbag, Dress, Purse, Babydoll, Turtleneck, Blonde,

A shopping and wardrobe guide to Fall 2014

1. Furs things first!

Summer seems to have come and gone without it's usual onslaught of heat and humidity, which makes me wonder, will it be a brutally cold fall/winter? If so, we will all be able to take advantage of one of fall's hottest trends, fur. Fur was the leading lady in this fall's runway lineup, with astrakhan and shearling both heavily featured. Coats of different shapes (think oversized and cocoon like) and colors (from pastel to jewel tones, even color blocking) welcomed us into a world of luxury with an edge. Designers: Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Balmain, Prada

2. Go big or go home!

One of my favorite fashion trends this fall is the oversized coat. We were also introduced to oversized pants, sweaters, turtle necks, blazer sets and matching knit sets on the fall runways. Looking sleek and chic as they peruse the runway in different colors and shapes, always leaving a little something to the imagination, this new trend is sure to keep you on the fashionista A-list. Designers: Lanvin, Dior, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Celine

3. Retro chic!

Step back into the '60s to get ahead this fall. Baby doll dresses and A-line silhouettes are all the craze in vibrant hues of pink, green, blue and red. Combine with knee high boots or simple pointy flats, throw on some fun accessories and you are ready for a night out on the town! Designers: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren, Chloe

4. Be graphic!

Graphics and prints inspired by the electronic dance music scene took over the runways this fall. Prints were showcased on casual pieces as well as evening wear. Some designers took advantage of the new love for color craze while others featured more subdued geometric prints, but were never boring. Graphics and color were also featured in this fall's footwear, more specifically sportswear. Yes ladies it's acceptable and encouraged to strap on your cool new sneakers for any occasion! Designers: Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Issa, Markus Lupfer, Miu Miu, Fendi

Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2014
Burberry Prorsum Pre-Fall 2014

Burberry always begs of us to sharpen our pencil skirts, and we love to give in. We'll be topping our textured midis and printed maxis with short fur jackets, booties in tow. | Photo: | Link | Burberry, Fur, 2014, Skirt, Purse, Fall,

Michael Kors Oversized Coat
Michael Kors Oversized Coat

One of my Nathalie Avila's fashion trends for fall 2014 is the oversized coat. Looking sleek and chic as they peruse the runway in different colors and shapes, always leaving a little something to the imagination. | Photo: Michael Kors | Link |
5. Romantically lavishing!

Fairy tale inspired ball gowns in sheer skin-bearing fabrics glittered down the runway. Some designers showcased bold colors while others used delicate embroidery, lace and feathers to give a dramatic effect. Among the most evident inspirations were Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Pocahontas and the Queen of Hearts. The gowns, however, were so gorgeously extravagant that they stood on their own as works of art. Designers: Alexander McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Valentino


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