Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion
It's officially considered cool to be wearing ethical and organic brands. Sustainable fashion is the future!
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Going green has never been so stylish

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the "greenest" kid on the block. I separate my recyclables and compost, buy only environmental friendly cleaning products, and I try my damndest to turn out lights as I leave one room after the next but I'm afraid that's the extent of it. Needless to say I may not be winning any awards from Al Gore in the near future.

People are slowing catching on to our planet's myriad of environmental issues: the climate crisis, depletion of our forests, melting ice caps, etc., but a lot of us aren't aware of the simple things we can do in our every day way of living. For example, did you know that there are people out there making their own organic bath products? I sure didn't.

While I don't consider delving in to the science of soaps and conditioners the most practical or easy way to reduce our carbon foot print, we can start quite simply by taking a closer look at the clothes draped on our backs at this very moment. Do you know whether your garments were constructed from recycled fibers or manufactured from natural materials? Probably not but chances are you'll be hearing a lot more about this topic in the upcoming years; the eco fashion movement is gaining in popularity amongst designers and celebrities alike.

Sustainable fashion has traditionally elicited negative thoughts about hemp-wearing hippies smoking pot and people who wouldn't know a hot new trend if Marc Jacobs, himself, hit them over the head with one of his fabulous purses. That's changing with big names such as Stella McCartney, Alicia Silverstone and Natalie Portman getting behind environmentally conscious clothes. It's officially considered cool to be wearing ethical and organic brands.

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion makes it to the runway! | Photo: |
According to, actress Emma Watson is overseeing a line of eco-forward clothes called People Tree, "While Watson has already made herself a bold faced fashion name, she says the new line will be more accessible, with organic and fair trade clothing and accessories'," With fashion brands gaining support from people like Watson and the emergence of an array of stylish eco conscious designers, it's hard to find an excuse not to get on board. is a great one-stop-shop for all things related to green garments and accessories. They provide guidance for everything from purses to footwear and everything in between. Showcasing companies like, Ecoist, people won't be able to help but fall in love with their colorful bags and clutches constructed from candy wrappers, rice bags, and vinyl records. Or ecoSkin, whose elegant evening wear designs are made out of sustainable bamboo and tencel.

Unfortunately, being responsibly fashion-forward has its downfalls and it comes in the form of a pretty penny. A lot of sustainable garments are on the pricy side and most of us don't have an abundance of extra cash lying around. However, those who are tightening their belts or are on a tight budget need not fret; we have options.

Sustainable Fashion
Sustainable Fashion

Being stylish shouldn’t mean that we have to compromise the environment. | Photo: |
I for one am a huge fan of shopping used or vintage. I find great pleasure from digging through racks and finding the one gem out of an entire store. If wearing people's old clothes isn't your thing, Kelli Best-Oliver of Green Options recommends these five affordable choices: Levi Strauss' organic cotton, naturally dyed jeans, American Apparel's organic cotton t-shirts, Johano's hemp clothing and ecoKashmere blends, Rawganique's sweatshop-free, linen garments, and REI's sustainable outdoor gear.

Being stylish shouldn't mean that we have to compromise the environment. A lot of designers are headed towards greener pastures but until everyone gets on board, we can make a difference by doing our small part. Whether that's by elaborately whipping up our own bath products or simply picking up a pair of organic Levi's jeans; let's make Al Gore and our planet a little happier today.

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