Fall: A Time for Change

Fall interior
Fall interior
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Refresh Your Home, Refresh Your Life

Everyone has heard the expression that the only things you can be sure of are death and taxes. However, there is also the concept of change. You can trust without a doubt that everything in you life will change to some extent. In order to feel in control we sometimes try to hold back the forces by staying in one place. Our homes are a symbol of stability and consistency. Many people do not want to alter their living environments because it helps them to connect to the illusion of constancy and durability. It is comforting to know that you have a familiar home, somewhere to go to when the outside world is so chaotic. This can provide a tremendous sense of satisfaction and solace in these trying times. Unfortunately, many people are so burned out by the daily grind of existence that the concept of changing their home or lifestyle is a burden rather than an easement. In fact, just changing things around in your home or even moving to another place could be uplifting and possibly a profound opportunity to create a better life in many areas. Many people do not change their living environments voluntarily, but become at the effect of change when it is a necessity. Their lease has expired; a new baby on the way, a new relationship, or a natural disaster will trigger this momentous event.

Why are we so attached to our living spaces? Perhaps we have a favorite chair to read in, a special room with a view of a garden, the king-size bed with the down comforter, the new flat screen TV with DVD and super sonic sound system. We all need a special spot to call our own. A spot where we feel safe, soothed and at ease. Sometimes we live in a small space and dream of a huge house, yet one day we find ourselves in a bigger home and find out we only use one or two rooms!

You Can Create Resort-Like Living Right In Your Own Backyard!
Our concerns with stress management techniques have led us to visit spas and luxury-pampering resorts. We are looking to improve our health and well being through all of the senses from aromatherapy, to air purification, ergonometric designs as well lighting and sound proofing. By including natural elements at home, such as rocks and water as a focal point, we can retreat to our very own Sacred Space, for relaxation, meditation, and reflection. By enhancing the quality of everyday life/work experiences through the aesthetic design, planning and organization of space, the total effect yields amazing results.

Another option, besides an instant home makeover by eliminating what you don't need and opening up to something new is creating an outdoor living space. Once considered a luxury many are investing in water features. Swimming pools, spas, and waterfalls are justifiable asset, a sensible investment and for some, a necessity. Your home can be a "Haven of Serenity", the perfect anti-dote to your busy life. Designed as part of a complete garden scheme, Outdoor Rooms are also for your personal sanctuary. By using tents, umbrellas, outdoor space heaters, candles, furniture, pergolas, as well as stone and rockscapes, it is possible to produce the perfect stress-free, healing experience to delight all the senses.

In these challenging times creating a healing environment goes beyond just the decor, and the surface materials, it is a reflection of your soul. When seeking a professional, you may wish to consider someone who is not only a design pro, but focused on the whole person, a lifestylist who considers all aspects of your life. While most design for a look, a we design for a FEEL. How you feel in your home environment is an important aspect of the art of living well. Perhaps creating a spa environment with elements found in wellness retreats can add another dimension to you life.

Life is too short to postpone the important things! It requires a holistic approach to your needs for order in the midst of chaos, peace in the presence of clamoring cell phones, demanding clients and time crunching workloads. Remember: The world is not getting any simpler and time is not slowing down, so it is up to you to take charge of your personal space and make the most of it, today! Take time for yourself, take time for your life and you will feel better immediately!

Refresh your home environment and you will refresh your life.
Many baby boomers are seeking to lighten up their load, via downsizing and getting rid of clutter and things that no longer have any meaning or serve us in any way. If you are seeking to create an uplifting, refreshed new home environment without spending a lot of money, you can benefit from speaking to a lifestyle consultant. You can make small changes which will lead to big steps in your overall well being. If you are interested in exploring new lifestyle options, please feel free to contact Lifestylist Designs.

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