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Josie Maran
Josie Maran
Josie Maran, born May 8, 1978, Chief Eco Officer of Josie Maran Cosmetics, is a supermodel, an organic beauty expert, and a fiercely passionate ecopreneur. | Photo: | Josie Maran, Model, Cosmetics, Philanthropist, Actress, Beauty, Sexy, Businesswoman,

The latest trend in celebrity beauty secrets

The latest trend in celebrity beauty secrets: An EM Luxury Hypnotherapy facial.
It's just not enough any more to get a pampering facial for an hour, reclining on a soft cushiony lounge, with an aromatherapy mister spraying sweet somethings into the air, listening to that MuSAQ, while pondering the perils of the world. It is especially annoying when the most they can show for are a few masks after deep extractions, softening the skin with steam and the darn clogged pores just don't seem to want to budge. (And after you have red blotches.)

There's a new kid in town, Alisha Lalji and she's got the mojo to make a sensational difference to your city slicker skin. The real kicker here is her secret formula of taking skincare to a cellular level with her Hypnotherapy facial. It's just not enough to spend all that time and leave with some puffy excuse for getting rid of wrinkles that only lasts until the next morning when they all pop back up in the mirror before your morning coffee. The benefits go beyond the skin and into the psyche, making changes at a cellular level.

We are all aware that our thoughts have either a positive or negative effect on our reality. After years of studying the great masters of philosophy and teachings of Einstein, Napoleon Hill, Carl young, they are aligned with the thought that everything external is a reflection of the internal state of being. Healing begins from the inside-out, by transforming the mind, delving into the subconscious and bringing up to release the unhealed mindset of the past. By holistically healing clients through the science of alchemy, the power of hypnotherapy and ancient practices of massage and modern aesthetics, this synergistic approach to beauty is at the core.

Here's the Scoop: She arrives with her partner Tom at your doorstep with $20,000 worth of custom made equipment to your home or on the set. Their magical cases filled with the highest level of luxury and comfort, a state of the art diamond microdermabrasion machine While receiving your facial you are put into a state of hypnosis which immediately relaxes you. As you receive your treatment, your subconscious mind becomes accessible You feel like you are floating in a cloud and your worries seem to disappear, feeling lighter and more childlike. A specific dialogue or formula created just for your personal needs, is used to speak to your cells and DNA in order to activate the collagen, elastin and other necessary coding to change your skin and body producing newer, younger cells. Lalji realized that combining one super facial treatment, which includes extractions, microdermabrasion, LED Light therapy, facial toning, High Frequency, mask and massage with the Hypnotherapy session manifested the best results. "This includes cellular activation of elastin, collagen, and other coding to produce newer, younger cells. By combining the hypnotherapy, my goal was to come up with the ultimate facial that can reverse aging, using a minimal mount of treatments and no side effects. that's when I decided to utilize the power of the ancient practice of Hypnotherapy along with my specific facial protocol." says Lalji

Alisha Lalji and her co-partner Tom Partridge have created a pioneering treatment that awakens and empowers their clients to experience a state of rejuvenation from the inside out and taking the wellness industry to the next level of healing and beauty right down to the cellular level. For more info check out

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