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Doutzen Kroes
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Fashion tips to prepare for the Summer

Here's a tip for your tip jar, take it with a grain of sugar. Summer is upon us, so if you haven't already, it's time to put a little "oomph" in the way you transition your wardrobe. I know, I know, tips are merely suggestions, but the styles have changed and it's time to start gathering the goods! If you aren't quite ready to face summer fashion - no worries; you can be well equipped and living up to your wardrobe's potential in due time. How you ask? Collect, collect and collect. Three great things about collecting fashion tips are you can save them, pass them on, or forget about 'em. Wouldn't you rather have them when you need them versus not having them at all?

Building a wardrobe that fits our own personal styles can be daunting when we don't know where to begin and if you're fortunate enough to have a personal stylist, it can be difficult for us to give them references. Without a doubt, inspirations will reveal themselves just as quickly as they leave. Try keeping a notepad, storing pictures in your cell phone or uploading your pic'tips to your social media site. Social networking sites such as Pinterest and Instagram have apps designed to expressly share your images, themes, and topics. These sits also allow you to share and research current trends in various places.

Summer is notorious for trip taking, so regardless of how you keep up, just make sure you are keeping up. The grain of sugar theory will grow into a pile of sugar quicker than you know. Sweet, right?!

If the words "frugality" and "fashionista" are in your shopping vocabulary, tip deprivation could possibly hold you back from staying in the know. Why limit the many immeasurable benefits that you should have at your fingertips? Being in'the-know can benefit your personal style by giving you a trendy and unique look. If you decide to go shop for summer attire you can reap these benefits while adding a different approach to the way you shop. It all depends on you and how you decide on utilizing your tips' potential. Tactful trend setting in your wardrobe starts here and now. What better way to shift from spring's out-of-date styles than to be all set for summer?

Fashion Stylist and co-owner of "Flipside Fresh", Misty Casseus (Los Angeles, CA) said, "Just because you buy into the latest fashion trend, doesn't mean that you have any knowledge of style. Fashion and style are two totally different things, but more times than not they are intertwined as one."

Casseus's styling expertise is targeted toward Hollywood's elite and extreme sports enthusiasts for her apparel line. She offered a few summer suggestions as an addition to your tip filled sugar shakers, I'm sure we here on the East Coast will be seeing these trends in no time.


Jeans are trousers made from denim or dungaree cloth. Often the term "jeans" refers to a particular style of pants called "blue jeans" and invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Starting in the 1950s, jeans, originally designed for cowboys, became popular among teenagers, especially members of the greaser subculture. | Photo: Archives |
  • Tip #1. "Out here on the west coast the Daisy Duke is making a comeback in two different versions'the high waist and the standard. The shorter the better for most! Paired with a loose graphic tank, you'll be ready for the Cali scene."
  • Tip #2. " I expect my clients to go towards being comfortable this summer. Gauze and flow, I'm sure will make their ways into my clients' closets if they haven't already. For my male clients, California guys always keep it simple. I don't believe there is anywhere else in the world that jeans and a t-shirt [is] acceptable just about everywhere you go, day or night."
  • Tip #3. "White gauzy blouses, denim, and flow dresses are all staples for your summer wardrobe. It's clean and so fresh for this summer."
  • Tip #4. "Skinny jeans and thick tongue high-top sneakers. I also love vintage sunglasses. Right now I am eyeing an old pair of Chloe shades on Etsy."
  • Tip #5. "Having a great pair of premium denim in your wardrobe is key. I have over twenty pair, but continuously rotate between my three favorite pairs. No two brands of denim fit the same, so it's important to check out all the brands, cuts, and styles that are out there (or as many as you can, believe me there are a gazillion out there). Also, for females, buy for different heel lengths. Nothing is worse than seeing dragging/ragged-dirty edged denim, or worse high-water boot cut denim."
  • Tip #6. " Every girl needs a statement clutch. Leave your daytime big bags at home. For a night on the town pairing an outfit with a sophisticated clutch is always a win."
  • Tip #7. "I'm also a big fan of pave style chunky bracelets or a signature cuff is always fun, like this one from jewelry designer Paulina Hop's line YUBIYOU ."
  • Tip #8. "A clean and fresh face is always key for the summer time. I get my favorite lip gloss "pout" from makeup artist D'Andre Michael's line U.G.L.Y. Girl Cosmetics."

Just remember you'll get more with sugar than you get with salt. Collecting tips will give you the options of what you want and when you want them. So make shopping so much sweeter! In the mean time, if you're in-between trends this summer or simply freshening up your styling senses, be on the lookout for a good tip.

Co-author: Tiffiny Longstratt

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