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Marloes Horst
Marloes Horst
Marloes Horst, born 8 March 1989, is a Dutch model. She began her career in the world of fashion in 2007 thanks to a contract with the modeling agency IMG Paris, thanks to photographer Valerie Phillipa in the British version of Elle. | Photo: | Marloes Horst, Model, Sexy, Dutch, Face,

This is a different story

There is nothing new about fashion models. They define what the fashion industry thinks is physically perfect. They also exhibit what the fashion industry feels will parade the designer fashions best. There is also nothing new about the notion that 99.9% of the public do not look like todays fashion model, nor do 99.9% of the public appreciate the misleading representation of fashion in the real world.

The look of fashion models is predominantly determined by the detached mind of fashion marketers. Everyone knows it, and at this point, not many care. One day, the fashion industry will "get" that consumers want to see fashions look their best, and represented in reality, not by a sexually confused fashion consultant.

But this is a different story.
Instead, this is a story about a fashion model who does not represent the point one percent referenced above. This fashion model is potentially the most stereotype-breaking fashion model booking top assignments today.

Yes, the Netherlands-born Marloes Horst is beautiful. Yes, the genetic gifts bestowed upon her include symmetry, height, impeccable bone structure, and all the accouterments for complying with today's definition of perfection in modeling. Yes, she is very, very good at her profession... but so are many.

So, what is different about Marloes?
CHAPTER 1: Her looks speak for themselves, so a brief look at her words and actions is in order. Born on March 8th, 1989, Horst has always excelled in academics. Winner of several scholarships, all of which she donated to less-fortunate students, the five foot, nine inch student of history has been a student of philanthropy... even when she had no resources to do so.

Much like Angelina Jolie, Marloes donates one third of all her income, without exception, to non-partisan and non-political charities for the benefit of children, the hungry, fighting animal abuse, and fighting cancer. While you may see her at industry events, you'll never see her in scandalous situations or morally compromised actions.

To that end, her work is impeccable.

CHAPTER 2: Marloes Horst balances her work, often provocative but always tasteful, with her charitable efforts and poised anonymity. Having known Marloes since 2008, I've kept loose tabs on her in the news and have yet to see her taking vast, promotional credit for her charitable work. Furthermore, I am personally aware of her declining many lucrative campaigns because of conflicts with her morals and ideals.

Here's a sample of Marloes Horst's amazing work:

Marloes Horst
Marloes Horst

Marloes Horst, born 8 March 1989, is a Dutch model. She began her career in the world of fashion in 2007 thanks to a contract with the modeling agency IMG Paris. |
  • Antiprima
  • Blanco
  • Calvin Klein swimwear
  • Diesel 'Fuel for Life' fragrance
  • Emporio Armani lingerie
  • Express
  • Goldenpoint
  • H&M
  • Ice Iceberg
  • Kenzo 'L'Eau 2' fragrance
  • Lan?a Perfume
  • Liu Jo
  • Massimo Rebecchi
  • MiH Jeans
  • Nando Muzi
  • Nine West
  • Paspaley
  • Princesse Tam Tam
  • River Island'
  • S Max Mara
  • Sarar
  • Sauvage Swimwear
  • Seafolly
  • Sisley
  • Sportmax Code
  • Twin-Set
  • Valentino 'Rock 'n Dreams' fragrance
  • Victoria's Secret Pink

CHAPTER 3: Lord knows, there is nothing wrong with sexy. Marloes is undoubtedly sexy and her uniquely demure allure is one of the most valuable assets to the fashion industry. Nevertheless, she has been one of the first in todays fashion industry to be so successful as a model and so modest in taking credit for her prolific charitable work. Models and fashion marketers should take a look at the path which Marloes Horst is blazing, and model themselves after her.

Otherwise, the fashion industry is doomed to the likes of shock-value hacks like Terry Richardson and unfortunate role models like Kim Kardashian.

Thank you, Marloes, for having the courage to show that beauty and success can accompany the betterment of mankind.

CHAPTER 4: And finally, this editorial is entirely fictitious and any similarity to "real life" characters or events is coincidental. We love Marloes and have no doubt she is capable of all these things. They may even be true, for all we know. Instead, this editorial is meant to show the possibility of looking good, doing good, and being good. It is possible. Think about how you felt reading it. Think about how you felt just a little liberated because someone else said what you have been privately thinking all the while. Think about how it's ok to appreciate beauty, but not at the expense of supporting ethical turmoil.

Do some good. Make Monday, your "do something good" day.

  • Marloes Horst
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Date of birth: March 8 1989
  • Place of birth: Netherlands
  • Ethnicity: Dutch
  • Height: 5' 8.5" ; 174cm
  • Measurements: (US) 33.5 24.5 35.5 ; (EU) 85-62-90
  • Dress size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 34
  • Shoe size: (US) 7.5 ; (EU) 38 ; (UK) 5

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