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Josie Maran
Josie Maran
Josie Maran, born May 8, 1978, Chief Eco Officer of Josie Maran Cosmetics, is a supermodel, an organic beauty expert, and a fiercely passionate ecopreneur. | Photo: | Josie Maran, Model, Cosmetics, Philanthropist, Actress, Beauty, Sexy, Businesswoman,

Luxury with an eco-conscience

Josie Maran, Chief Eco Officer of Josie Maran Cosmetics, is a fiercely passionate ecopreneur. As a native of San Francisco, and raised by an artist mom and a green builder dad, Josie's influences were permeated into her development.

"When I compared the artificially glamorous women I saw in magazines to my mom's authentic glow," she says, "I realized what true beauty was."

Partially grown from her appreciation for the beauty of nature, and for natural beauty, Josie became interested in modeling and embracing natural beauty. She was frequently told she was too short to be a model, and this fueld her burning desire to prove them wrong.

It wasn't long before Josie became the face of Guess Jeans, Bebe, and Maybelline, appearing on the covers and in the pages of Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Sports Illustrated; acting in movies like The Aviator, Little Black Book, and Van Helsing.

Josie now travels the world on photo shoots, pregnant with her first child, Josie was interested in non-toxic, natural cosmetics that would be safe for a pregnant woman and her baby. She asked makeup artists she knew and trusted but was again told that her dream was impossible... and again proved the naysayers wrong. On a shoot in the South of France, Josie discovered the "Moroccan miracle moisturizer" that would change her life, and many others. "As soon as I saw what 100% Pure, Organic Argan Oil did for my skin," Josie says, "I knew that makeup could be beautiful inside and out."

Now armed with a supermodel's arsenal of secret tricks and her nature-loving "eco-preneur's" vision, Josie has created her a signature line of socially and environmentally responsible, Argan Oil-based skincare and cosmetics.

[Josie gives back]

She is still the company's guiding light and hands-on leader, taking an active part in conceiving, developing, and curating the product line, ensuring JMC lives up to its motto: "Luxury With A Conscience." Partnering with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations, using only the best, purest, and most effective ingredients, packaging products in recyclable and biodegradable containers, Josie Maran Cosmetics embraces eco-friendly practices that embody Josie's love'for people and for the planet.

Josie Maran
Josie Maran

Josie Maran, born May 8, 1978, Chief Eco Officer of Josie Maran Cosmetics, is a supermodel, an organic beauty expert, and a fiercely passionate ecopreneur. | Photo: |
About her brand
As an actress, supermodel, and long-time cosmetics muse, the name Josie Maran is synonymous with beauty. In her successful career that spans over a decade, Maran has served as spokesperson for some of the most popular brands in the world. But aside from the high fashion lifestyle she leads (shooting magazine covers, music videos, commercials and feature films'just to name a few), Maran is hardly your typical glamour girl. In fact, she didn't even wear makeup when she first started modeling. Throughout her career, Maran has worked with many world-famous makeup artists and paid close attention to their techniques. She's learned about the transformative power of makeup: a little can go a long way, what works and what doesn't, and which ingredients to seek out and which to avoid.

As a truly natural beauty, Maran realized there was something missing in the world of makeup. Existing eco-friendly, natural beauty products lacked the sophistication and level of luxury she craved. It was hard to find luxurious products that were pure, gentle, nontoxic, eco-friendly'and sophisticated. Maran thought if she sought out products that met these high standards, then other women concerned with their health and the earth must want them too. So Josie Maran Cosmetics was born.

Every element, from the packaging to the makeup shades, is a reflection of her unique sensibility, which is always dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Maran has partnered with many organizations, such as the National Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Teens for Safe Cosmetics, Global Green USA, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and City of Hope.

Since launching her line, Maran's success has been recognized with multiple awards from national publications, websites, and foundations. But the busy mom's work is never done. As Maran likes to say, "I'm going to change the world one lipstick at a time."

I believe in balance.
I believe that doing the right thing can be glamorous.
I believe in beauty without the baggage.

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