Elena Munos

Elena Munoz
Elena Munoz
The worst of the fashion world is the struggle of egos and low pay. There is so much competition and so few jobs that it's almost impossible to succeed. --Fashion Textile-Knit designer, Elena Munoz | Photo: | Elena Munos, Knit, Textile, Elena Muños, Givenchy,

Fashion Textile-Knit designer

An excerpt from a selected post: The starting point of my research was the work of creative duo Lucy and Bart; the way they distort the body impresed me. Other artists such as Monica Machado and Victoria Encinas particularly caught my attention with their compulsive vision and mixed media sculptures. This pushed me to look further into the work of Santiago Calatrava, Gaudi and Hadid, all of them drawing forms from the human body and the natural world.

Inspired by the patterns on insect's bodies -especially those found on beetles and the never-ending varieties found on insect's wings- I worked on transparencies and layers, trapping thick yarns inside thin yarns and intertwining them with bulky cables. The result was to emulate the way textures of muscles, fibers and veins merge to create an organic system.

At the same time, the colours clashing with fluorescent highlights unveiled the body's inner flows.

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