Pure Hotness

Pure Hotness
Sophie Marceau
Sophie Marceau
Sophie Marceau, born 17 November 1966) is a French actress, director, screenwriter, and author. She has appeared in 38 films. As a teenager, Marceau achieved popularity with her debut films La boum (1980) and La boum 2 (1982), receiving a César Award for Most Promising Actress. | Photo: | Sophie Marceau, Actress, France, French, Sexy,

The beauty summer brings to hard-working women

This is woman in summer: flowing skirts and blouses that drop off the shoulder to reveal a distinct lack of bra strap; calves, thighs and upper arms, once buried beneath woolen layers, revealed to the world as fresh as a baby; bronzes and bruises to remind us of peaches, soft in the windowsill of our mother's kitchen.

This is woman in summer: toes painted in hilarious shades of coral, topaz, blush, and turquoise. They lean out over the front of high-heeled sandals liberated from the constraints of winter shoes. Sanding off the calluses of past sorrows, ready for a fresh chapter in their life, these feet are longing to be kissed and if the night proves willing, they will be.

This is woman in summer: soft skin exposed for all its honest femininity, her physical difference to man no longer contained by cloth.

(Cue shouting and cheering, "Viva la difference!")

This is woman in summer: shopping for the perfect summer dress. There is no winter equivalent to the summer dress. No black cocktail number can stand and measure to the fresh appeal of it. Every woman knows she must buy at least one, for this summer cannot possibly look like last summer, am I right ladies? This summer must be even sweeter, have bigger or smaller bows, more folds or less, must fringe or lace or silken itself around the woman's body in a new and different way. Its success is played out when a sudden breeze blows hard against her revealing a slight surge in one devious nipple.

This is woman in summer: long legs reveled by a short skirt stroll through the park, daring you to stare. I've seen them! Can't fool me! Those legs are begging for a voice from the cheering section to say, "Looking good!" Watch her arch her eyebrow as she peeks around. Holy crap, she's a stunner! See earrings dangle just above her shoulders, sometimes touching, sometimes resting. Casting light onto skin into those same eyes still staring back at you, eyes that seem to say, "Go ahead, speak. Get yourself in trouble."

This is woman in summer: undone from a day's labor, glistening from her own effort; drawn by the sun into still more mischief she will not be denied a dip in somebody's pool. There is nothing better than watching naked women swim in a pool in summer. Hell, there is nothing better than BEING a naked woman swimming in a pool in summer! In the water, bodies appear to be made of circles ' one arching it's way endlessly back to join yet another circle. The great "O," the feminine "Wah," the fecund giver of life abundant- to heck with the pool, woman in the ocean is all this and more. She is the carrier of "the mystery" floating in the origins of life. Zowie!

Pool party
Pool party

A dozen of Great Britain's Olympic hopefuls took to the pool. The dozen swimmers, divers, water polo players and one member of the synchronised swimming squad got together for this exclusive photo-shoot in March 2011 for an underwear shoot. Also in the picture is Stephanie Millward, a paralympic swimmer who has battled multiple sclerosis. | Photo: England National Lottery and British Gas | England, Olympic, Pool, Nude, Sexy, Multiple Sclerosis,

Ladies, remember this when you don the shoes you are sometimes forced to wear at work, those tight and uncompromising shoes of labor and responsibility: you are a gift to those you allow to see your beauty. Wallow in this knowledge. Let it run through you like gold in your veins. Let it live in you like a great secret that you never take advantage of but are always empowered by: you are beautiful because you are a woman. Let the sunshine of this thought invade every living cell. Allow yourself to be grand and glorious. Take pride in every curve you own. Summer is your season to shine.

It's in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts.
The grace of my style.
I am woman, phenomenally.
Phenomenal woman, that's me.
~Maya Angelou "Phenomenal Woman"

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