Summer hair for guys

Summer hair for men
Summer hair for men
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The do's and definitely-do-not's for the testosterone bunch

Men, prepare yourself for the 2012 Side-Crop Long-Top. Wavy, curly or straight you have options a plenty. There are many interesting versions with curious names to boot: The Peaked side crop, The Ivy-league Blow back, The Jimmy, The Elvis, The chopper, The Frank, even The Kenicke!

Although the names are fairly hilarious, they all sport a similar trend: short on the sides and long hair mussed about on top. It's the sort of haircut I imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald to have worn ' something that might have rakishly fallen over one eye while he sorted through his jacket for a cigarette.

Let us not forget The Twilight Quiff, lord knows. A flop-top look no doubt inspired by handsome leading man Robert Pattinson. Hey, if it's good enough for a million screaming girls, it's good enough for you.

These styles, as fun as they are, lend themselves mainly to the "flirty-under thirty-five" crowd. If you have a conservative bent or are just plain more mature, I think it might be best if you either did a shorter version of the Long-top short-crop ala George Clooney or just kept to your same old Marine cut. Women always love the suggestion that a man might have once worn a uniform. It screams macho. I HATE Bradley Coopers haircut, personally. Slicked back with little curls at the nape screams "grease ball who will take your money and break your heart." But that's just me.

If you're not conservative and never have been, an option might be the Spiky Cut ' classic punk with a cleaned up twist. It suggests you once had a bad boy background but you aren't quite ready to give it up. Many women I know adore an ex-rock and roller, but it's got to be rough and tough, not Brett Michaels. Hair bands and head-bands best be left in the '80's from whence they sprang.

Longer styles on men tend to make me think "gigolo" rather than "hot potato," but only you (and the friend whom you count on most to be brutally honest with you) know if you can carry it off. Don't feel too bad if you aren't the long hair type, most men aren't. These days they are suggesting a loosely slicked back shoulder length version, the "Double Slick" ala Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

If you are slightly balding, I beg of you ' don't brush your hair forward and think you are fooling anybody. I promise you, most ladies know it means you have lots of testosterone and there is nothing wrong with that. Just crop it in a "Tom Hardy," and make the best of it.

I also strongly suggest you don't wear the "bed head" look, ala Tom Sturridge, where your hair is brushed forward as if you didn't have time to brush it. It's a look for Teen Beat magazine, and even though the Brit-rockers are digging it, I am not convinced. As much as some men think women looking like "girls" is sexy, the opposite is not true. Grown women don't want to have sex with a boy. That's gross.

The Undercut
The Undercut

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Perhaps due to the popularity of Boardwalk Empire (or more likely due to our dance with a depression era economy) for better or worse the "undercut" has returned with a vengeance. This is a look that can be worn by any man of any age, as long as he has a certain flare to his style of dress. Its sexiness has to do with its suggestion of another era, when men and women were more sharply defined by their polarities as opposed to their similarities. Although it's still another twist on the long-top short-crop, it's more severe than most of those cuts. The sides are cropped with a clipper, and the top is straightened and slicked back.

All these looks require a lightweight gel, but I beg of you, please don't use so much that your lover can't get their hands in it. Too much crispy hair gel can also create nasty blackheads from the product sneaking down your neck on a hot day. Go sparingly on the hairspray and you'll also avoid helmet head, an unfortunate look Blagojavitch and the Lego man have managed to perfect.

Remember, a little effort (not too much) may go a long way, but it's your insides that count most. A haircut shouldn't be a "make or break" deal for any relationship, and if it is, I say dump 'em. You gotta be free to do your thing, no matter what the trend or someone else's taste tells you to do. So if you want to bring back the '60's '70's or '80's, or just want a great big crazy 'fro ' I say go for it. Be happy. Life is short.

Good luck guys!

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