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Halle Berry
Halle Berry
Halle Berry at the 2002 Oscars, where she became the first woman of African American descent to win Best Actress. | Actress, Oscars, Movie Star,

The Top 10 Looks of the Past 10 Years

In honor of the upcoming week's 2012 Oscars, I want to do a countdown of my favorite looks over the past decade (don't most of us just watch the pre-show for the gowns anyway?). Now, I'm not going to list every person who I think looked awesome--most people do with stylists, makeup artists, a nutritionist, trainer, facialist, and a regular supply of Botox and Spanx at their service. What I'm talking about here are the women who made us say "whoa" when they stepped onto the red carpet. Here are my top 10 picks over the last 10 years--take notice, it's usually the same designers' dresses that make the list over and over.

10. Angelina Jolie, 2009, Black Gown, Designer: Elie Saab, Emerald Green Drop Earrings, Designer: Lorraine Schwartz ' Although she's wearing a plain black dress, the fit of it accentuates her body perfectly (it makes her look like she has hips when she doesn't). Along with the statement earrings (of which even I have a knock-off), she brings out the idea that simplicity and glam can coexist in one outfit.

9. Olivia Wilde, 2009, Light Lavender Ruffle Gown, Designer: Reem Acra ' I just found this dress to fit so well on top (the ruched bodice makes everyone look killer when wearing that type of design), and the color brings a soft yet fun feel. The awesome texture at the bottom also gives it a very playful air and makes her look completely approachable (and too damn pretty for her own good).

8. Halle Berry, 2002, Sheer Floral-Embroidered Gown, Designer: Elie Saab ' I think we were all trying to find just the right angle on TV to see what was on the other side of those flowers (see the movie Swordfish for the answer).

7. Jessica Alba, 2006, Golden Gown, Designer: Versace ' This girl has such a petite body and awesome olive complexion that she looks like an Egyptian goddess in this dress. Cleopatra herself would have probably worn this gown.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow, 2007, Vintage Gown, Designer: Zac Posen ' The intricate detailing, strategic gathers and overall mermaid shape of this dress make her look like she has an hourglass figure (which she doesn't--she's straight up and down). Not to mention her gorgeous, long, shiny hair adding to the glamour of the overall ensemble.

5. Demi Moore, 2011, Nude Ethereal Gown, Designer: Atlier Versace (runner up is Penelope Cruz's 2007 Versace Bridal gown, which is basically the same dress) ' I love both of these dresses because they are not only red-carpet ready but they are also dresses that can be translated down the aisle as bridal looks. And who wouldn't want to look like a movie star on her big day?

4. Charlize Theron, 2009, Sleek Shimmery Gown, Designer: Gucci ' Obviously those stars up for Best Actor/Actress get the pick of the litter when it comes to designer gowns. Charlize (and/or her stylist) did not disappoint with this glittery stunner. It doesn't hurt either that she's one of the most statuesque stars in Hollywood.

3. Michelle Williams, 2006, Mustard Yellow Vintage Gown, Designer: Vera Wang ' She just looks like Hollywood royalty in this dress and I don't think many people could have pulled this off. She has the right complexion to wear this color and body type to whoa any crowd--and that, she did.

2. Mila Kunis, 2011, Lavender Chiffon Gown, Designer: Elie Saab ' If only I could wear this dress and look as intriguing, sexy, and yet delicate all at once, I'd be floating on clouds as light as that dress looks. I love, love, love this dress (not to mention the many men around the world who couldn't stop gawking, hoping they'd catch a nip slip). Her makeup, hair, accessories, and confidence in this dress were flawless. It was this dress that put her back on the fashionistas' watch lists. Way to go, Mila.

1. Keisha Whitaker, 2008, Bridal Couture Gown, Designer: J'Aton Couture ' Now you're thinking, "Umm, who?" A little-known person who takes the number one spot in my book is Mrs. Forest Whitaker. You may have passed her photos in the "best dressed" lists because she was just the "arm candy" for her hubby (and let's face it, we look at the women celebs and their fashions, not really the men). This is actually a wedding dress that I saw on Say Yes to the Dress, retailing for $9,000. Hell, she looked like a million bucks in that dress. It's sexy, sultry, yet flowy and light all at the same time. She takes the cake for this one.

It will be interesting to see if anyone from this year's Oscars will bump any of these out of the running. Stay tuned'

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