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John Galliano Underwear
John Galliano Underwear
Modeled by Tatiana, Photography by Zakir Maqsood, Hair & Make-Up by Warda Amrani, Creative Direction by Stop Stealing My Look. | Photo: Stop Stealing My Look, Zakir Maqsood | John Galliano, Fashion, Underwear,

Looking back, was it Fate or Was it a coup?

First Valentino, next McQueen and then to everyone's disbelief, there went John Galliano. Three of fashion's most talented, most revolutionary and some may say most controversial designers. All three absent from fashion within exactly three years, leading some to ask, "Was it fate or was it a coup?" Was it predestined within the stars or was there someone or something much more sinister directing the timely ending of fashion's most talented, most revered and most feared top fashion designers? There are some who have not just speculated but have alluded to a secret society that exist within fashion, let's call it, the fashion mafia. Fashion's so called "Black Hand", made up of fashion's ultra elite located within some ultra chic palace in Milan. Laughable, I know, but there are some die hard fashion conspiracy theorists that would beat you with a Louboutin stiletto, for daring to broach the subject of disbelief in what I would call their deep seated fantasy.

Let's go back shall we, to Tuesday, September 4th 2007, the day Valentino announced he would retire. Although, he'd announced his retirement, he remained active within his brand, a brand he created some fifty years ago, one he seeded in Paris, and nurtured in Florence. Remaining at the helm of creative direction until the end of his last haute couture show, presenting it at the grand Mus?e Rodin in Paris on January 3rd 2008. There were some who rumored that the Valentino brand needed a breath of fresh air, new blood as if were and that fashion's "Black Hand" had urged him to relinquish firstly creative control of the brand, then after, the Valentino brand itself; in order to be more lucrative, in order to be more profitable for it's share holders. Some have speculated it was part of a detailed and highly subversive plan, to utterly remove a fashion icon. Yet still others have taken a more fateful view of it saying, that it was simply his time to let go of the Valentino brand that it was a predestined cosmic event. During the first six months of the year 2007, there were several very powerful lunar and solar eclipses. According to leading astrologist Susan Miller (, both solar and lunar eclipses have an immediate and long term persuasion over events occurring within and around them. Eclipses are powerful enough to last two weeks, a month and an entire year or for the rest of one's life. They are that powerful. Nevertheless, events lead one to wonder was it fate? Had Valentino wanted to leave his brand? Did Valentino believe it was his fateful time to hang up his muslin cloth?

Alexander McQueen didn't think so, or did he? Alexander McQueen, the "King of High Street", fashion's most fearless and innovative designer. Some of McQueen's most iconic designs are comparable to those of famed artist H.R. Giger, who is known for his otherworldly creations for the classic science fiction film "Alien". Alexander or Lee as known to his friends was or at least seemed "happy". Lee was, as always creating, readying for his next show, not seaming aloof and in a mood to leave his life, which outside of his friends and family, was fashion. Alexander lived fashion, breathed fashion and in his own remarkable and unmistakable way, left his mark on the soul of fashion forever with his innovations. Alexander was creating at the far end of the creative spectrum, arguably crafting what no one else could think of and during the peak of expectations. Did Lee really want to end his career by committing suicide? Some say, not at all and how could this be? When after hard, long years of study, of toiling away and at the height of his career, he would not. Arguably, McQueen was a fashion force to be reckoned with, a creative iconoclast that no one, no matter how hard they tried to create something as fantastical as Lee, could not yet rival him. Did someone want Lee gone for these reasons? Did something hidden and behind the scenes occur? Something so powerful and profound as to remove Lee, who had a power within himself so great? No one knows, or is yet unwilling to tell. Alexander was a Pisces who had a sensitive, creative wellspring of a soul, who died at the height of his career in early 2010. In 2010, there were four eclipses. McQueen died one month plus five days of the January 15th solar eclipse in 2010.

Another creative force to be reckoned with is John, Galliano of course. One of fashion's most beloved; he is an artiste and not just an haute couture designer. John Galliano is a legend, with creations known to people great and small around the world in eighty countries. If you were fortunate enough, to grab yourself a John Galliano for Target camel trench coat back in 2010, consider yourself lucky, it's now a collectible. Have you heard about the "Incident at the Bar"? Everyone has but some people have said that Galliano was "set up", "preempted" or "provoked" to use those hurtful and disgusting words. But was he? Surely, it was his own consciousness and his own freewill, which he used to push the air past pursed lips to say "I love Hitler... People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers would all be fucking gassed." On the 25 of February 2011, Dior announced that it had suspended Galliano following his arrest over an alleged anti-Semitic tirade in a Paris bar. The same day, a Paris-based website called Citizenside received video of Galliano on a similar rant in the same bar the previous year. So, Galliano had done it twice? Had Galliano regularly used anti-Semitic language? Was the video taping premeditated? Had someone the forethought to videotape Galliano at the bar? Had his demise been at his own hand or was it a fashion coup? Galliano was fired one month plus two weeks after the January 4th eclipse on February 25th 2011.

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