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Cameron Richardson
Cameron Richardson
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Welcome Winter... but shopping for Summer during Winter?

You make your way through the bustling department store in search of that pea coat you have had your eye on all winter. The frock you have been wearing for months bores you to tears and the excitement of trying on that perfectly tailored coat with the fresh buttons and tight stitch simply cannot be contained. But alas, it is too late, the checker-colored dream coat is gone and all that remains is a sea of beachwear. Retailers grow tired of their seasonal clothing and shoppers are left behind.

Who can think of wearing fun and flirty sun dresses when the chill in the air makes it unbearable to part with the warmth of the sweater you have been cozying up to for months?

Spring and Summer fashions tend to brighten up the aisles of department stores, so it is easy to see why many companies are eager to roll out the new inventory. Marketing is all about change, and keeping consumers on their toes. With a rotating wardrobe that is vibrant and fresh with each emerging season, stores are able to hold shopper's interest even if it seem frustrating.

There is one great advantage to this often baffling phenomena; marked down clothing for the current season. That adorable Colorblock Fit & Flare Trench Coat from Bebe may just have dropped to a price that is so much more justifiable. Deep pockets are not quite as necessary if those pockets are attached to some dreamy clearance-rack winter pants.

Have you ever heard the advice, do not go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? Think about clothes and accessory shopping in a similar fashion and you may save yourself from buyers remorse. Rushing to the bikini racks mere hours before heading to the beach could result in some unfortunate patterns or a fate much worse, the bland leftovers. Desperation will never benefit the fashionable; taking chances and losing options are two entirely different things. Getting a jump-start on your summer style does not mean you need to go overboard, you would never buy a birthday cake in January for a party in May.

As enticing as scouring the racks for the darling new skirts or the sweetest new strappy sandals may be, do not forget to enjoy the wardrobe you chose only months ago. Pull on those Breckelle's Classic Buckle Riding Boots that patiently sat in your closet awaiting the time your tootsies were far too chilly for the peep-toe pumps. Each season deserves your undivided attention so why not live in the present and only peek at the future.

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