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Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Bundchen
Gisele Caroline Bündchen, born 20 July 1980, is a Brazilian fashion model, occasional film actress and goodwill ambassador for the UN Environment Programme. | Photo: Biff Henderson | Link | Gisele Bundchen, Model, Legs, Sexy, Wealth, Gisele Bündchen,

Supermodel millionaire Gisele Bundchen explained

The Brazilian bombshell. She is part of a celebrity couple and an ambassador. She is Gisele Bundchen and she is living a fairytale life.

She is a married to the "it" guy at the moment, Super Bowler New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. She is an outspoken millionaire, occasional actress and recently completed construction of a $20 million, solar paneled, 22,000-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles. In addition, she is goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.

Gisele Bundchen also happens to be one of the hottest supermodels in the world.

Forbes magazine claims she may become the first "supermodel billionaire" by the time she retires and hangs up her thong bikini. She is well on her way. It is estimated the 33-year-old has earned more than $350 million in the last 12 years.

This Brazilian beauty has one of the most recognizable faces in the industry today, thanks to gracing the pages of Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, GQ, Esquire and other publications. She is the only model on the cover of Vogue for three consecutive issues. She was also one of the "Victoria Secret Angels" created by the lingerie giant for television. In fact, she is sometimes referred to as "The Brazilian Bombshell" in the rag trade. Her accolades also include Rolling Stone magazine naming her "the most beautiful girl in the world" in 2000. Nice credentials.

B?ndchen is also credited for ending the stick-thin, Kate Moss-type waif look of the 1990s. Vogue magazine said Gisele brought the "return of the sexy model."

In fashion circles, she is considered the only remaining supermodel. Think of Christie Brinkley, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks or Claudia Schiffer - voluptuous models of 20 or 30 years ago. B?ndchen has the ideal bone structure for fashion photography, and the catwalk is an ideal locale for her legs that seem to go on forever.

Gisele is highly regarded in the fashion and modeling industry and is at the top of her career. She is married to a rich, handsome and successful NFL quarterback. She has a new mansion designed just for her family and has an adorable child. Hmm...what's not to love?

But Gisele is not without controversy. She has been very outspoken about breastfeeding and its health benefits. In an interview, she said she wanted an international law making it mandatory for mothers to breastfeed children for the first six months. She later blogged that she was just encouraging others to discover the health benefits of breastfeeding infants for the first year of their lives.

The fashion pages have been shaky at times as well. She has been criticized for facial features that are less than perfect, such as a nose that is a little longer than normal or cheekbones that seem almost too hollow at times.

Her personal life is not without drama as well. Paparazzi hounded her when she dated Leonardo DiCaprio, who was embracing the publicity after his hit movie "Titanic" was a box-office bonanza.

In addition to "Brazilian bombshell," the tabloids were also calling her "the boobs from Brazil," which supposedly caused an uproar in her country with the immediate increased amount of breast enhancements in that country. That too, died down.

Brady also is without a little drama himself off the football field. He had a baby from former gal pal Bridget Moynahan, who just happens to be a famous model and actress as well. Again, it became fodder in the supermarket tabloids.

Tom and Gisele eventually had a baby of their own, adding the first edition of the "Brady bunch" with the birth of the couple's son, Benjamin Rein Brady, in 2009.

Ahhh...the life of the celebrity.
Gisele B?ndchen- supermodel, celebrity and an eco-activist. She is not just a pretty face. She has a serious side beyond the modeling industry. Besides sports and her family, she says her hobbies include business and real estate.

She launched a line of sandals in 2001. Part of the profits from these IPANEMA brand flip-flops go to her favorite "green" causes.

Move over Donald Trump. In addition to her new spread in Southern California, she has acquired real estate in Sao Paulo, New York and other regions of Los Angeles.

Although she was in a Taxi remake and in The Devil Wears Prada, B?ndchen takes her new role as a new role as U.N. ambassador seriously.

She is an international icon...she moves product, from bikinis to flip-flops to shampoo to environmental concerns. Yet she remains passionate about her role as an environmental activist.

The power couple has put solar panels on their new home and she often touts the benefits of recycling, buying energy-efficient appliances and vehicles, claiming that every little bit helps the environment.

Although the jury is still out regarding the validity of global warming and climate change, it is obvious that B?ndchen is committed to her role as a protector of the planet. As goodwill ambassador, she is passionate and committed, promoting awareness of environmental threats, climate change and protection of the planet.

A face and body known throughout the world giving back to those whose life is not so perfect. This small-town Brazilian girl, who jumped into modeling at a mere 14 years of age, is trying to make a positive difference many years later.

Gisele B?ndchen is more than just a supermodel with an idyllic life. She cares about the world around her, using her fame and good fortune for causes beyond her own celebrity.

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