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Jeans are a must-have in every modern wardrobe, and the sky is the limit for the places you can sport them. Butt... | Jeans, Levi's, Nude, Butt,

The wardrobe staple is not always a go-to.

In the past there was a specific expected wardrobe for each activity and occasion. Church meant wearing "Sunday's best", a night out meant cocktail attire, and the office was a sea of pencil skirts and sports coats. Jeans were typically designated for house cleaning or yard work, but times have seriously changed, as has the role of jeans as a fashion staple.

Jeans have made a huge impact on society in the last 40 years and come in a variety of fits, washes and designs so it is reasonable to assume that they are a necessary part of every person's wardrobe. Just because jeans are so commonly worn, does not mean that they are fit for every occasion. There are a few places where it is still unacceptable to wear jeans, unless you prefer to forgo taste and class in favor of comfort.

Funerals and Weddings are probably the two worst places one can show up in denim.
Funerals are meant to be a somber event that allows people to give respect to someone that has passed, which can appear mighty false when you show up in a pair of Ed Hardy jeans. Actually, let's be on the safe side and make sure you are never caught dead, pardon the pun, in Ed Hardy jeans because the sales are just encouraging them. For funerals, stick to black, or another dark color, and a reasonable, inoffensive, fabrics. Stay with the classics.

Weddings are basically a massive party to gush over how beautiful the bride looks, and what spectacular taste she has in everything from her Vera Wang knock-off of a dress to the tasteful orchids that adorn the venue. So, in making sure that a wedding goes off with out a hitch, one might not want to anger the bride by showing how little thought you are putting into the clothing that you wear while attending her wedding. Even if you think following such rules is just enabling a bridezilla, it really is about avoiding tackiness for an event that included plenty of thought and a $150 plate of food for you to indulge.

Church has really become more lax in their dress code, but just because everyone else goes so casual while they worship, doesn't mean you have to. Putting a slight effort into your church clothing is not a big deal, you are already getting up early on a weekend due to your dedication, why not put on a skirt or slacks for the big guy? Besides, when the rapture comes, I'm sure you will receive priority over the girl who wore those Chic jeans every week.

The work place typically expects some degree of professional clothing, and yet there are still some who try to sneak in the dark wash jeans or even those corduroys that can pass as semi-formal. If your company has a policy that includes casual Friday, and everyone is doing the jeans thing, go for it, otherwise leave the denim at home. Going to work is an excuse to wear classy clothes. Doesn't everyone want to live in an office reality more akin to Mad Men? The reason why that environment is so desirable is because of the clothing, or possibly the drinking and Joan, the secretary. Make every work day a bit more exciting, and put together a striking ensemble sans jeans. It will make you feel more confident and attractive.

Jeans are a must-have in every modern wardrobe, and the sky is the limit for the places you can sport them. Avoiding the urge to pull out those comfy favorites, you've had since college, for events that require a little more effort is the best way to ensure an appearance of self awareness and a keen fashion sense.

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