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Heather Graham
Heather Graham
Heather Graham
Heather Joan Graham, born January 29, 1970, is an American actress. After starring in various commercials, her first starring role came in 1988 with the teen comedy License to Drive. | Photo: Archives | Heather Graham, Sweater, Actress, Sexy, Legs, Mirror,

ABCs of the Sweater Look

From heather grey to Heather Graham, the sweater look is the statement ensemble, fittingly, of the Fall/Winter season. Whether you're in New York, Chicago, or San Francisco, now is the time to bring out your tried and true knits and buy that extra piece to complete a sweater set, or a metallic accessory to pop against your chilly neutrals.

Heather Graham, known for her effortless approach to chic dressing, poses for AND in a textured tie-cardigan with playful puffy balls that add a touch of seasonal cheeky humor. Pairing the knit with a pair of denim and a tank top shows how versatile this piece can be if you need to make it transition through several seasons. The addition of the charm necklace adds just enough to give the look a personal spin and an added point of intrigue.

Sans the puffy balls, the cardigan is an easy layering piece over a dress and belted, or thrown over a ribbed cashmere turtleneck and jeans with a pair of tall brown boots. Fashion tip: when you fall in love with the right cashmere cardigan, buy it in several neutrals (camel, charcoal, cream, etc.) to better rotate through your wardrobe. This way, your pieces last longer and you save yourself a trip back to the store. Make sure it's a decent thickness, but not too chunky, so you can continue wearing it through Spring's cold months.

Sweater tips:
Sweaters are a basic for every woman's wardrobe. Petites will look better in their sweaters if they select them to fit and flatter their short figures. Here are some factors for short women to keep in mind when sweater shopping:

  1. Buy your sweaters in the petites department because they will fit much better than a regular size sweater, which will be too long.
  2. Select sweaters with a flattering neckline, such as a universally flattering V-neckline. Short women who have a triangle shaped figure may opt for a boatneck, which helps give the illusion of broader shoulders. Avoid big cowls and turtlenecks, and instead choose a mock-neck, which is less bulky.
  3. Choose knits that aren't bulky. Bulky sweaters can make short women look bigger, so a sleeker, smoother sweater knit fabric works better.
  4. Look for flattering and proportional details, such as surplice styling, waistline emphasis, and small, rather than huge, ruffles.
  5. Select comfortable fabric. Scratchy wool knits irritate delicate skin, so if you choose a wool sweater, try it on to make sure that it isn't scratchy. Cotton and silk as well as blends with a bit of lycra are normally comfortable. If you want luxury, soft cashmere is a good choice.
  6. Wear well fitting foundation garments under sweaters to shape and smooth the figure.

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