Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook
Kelly Ann Parsons on November 23, 1979, is an English model, actress, entrepreneur, television presenter and Playboy model. Brook was in a seven-year relationship with actor Jason Statham, until 2004 when she met American actor Billy Zane. Brook and Zane were engaged to be married in the summer of 2008. | Kelly Brook, Model, Actress, Sexy,

Female iconic styles: Why curves are never out of style

Looking at Kelly Brook, you think that she must never be too far from a beach and that she carries a bikini with her at all times like some sexy superhero. In her acting roles on television and in film, the temptation to show off her curves, glistening with water or soap bubbles, is too hard to ignore. Her iconic form ' that hourglass figure that has so enchanted men for generations ' was surely more of a draw to 3D-movie fans than any computer-generated monster-fish in last year's Piranha 3D. Kelly Brook is a talented and intelligent woman, but the average man could care less, instead he is enraptured by the intoxicating effect of her beauty. Only, it's not really the average man's fault, he's just wired that way.

Numerous scientific journals have published many different articles with research spanning the globe that proves time and again that men are just more attracted to voluptuous women. These studies are done often and each time the results are presented like they are earth-shattering news. Yet early cavemen, folks of the renaissance, or even Sir Mix-A-Lot could have told the researchers what they eventually discovered on their own:

Curves are sexy.
In fact, Sir Mix-A-Lot touched on another important fact in his ode to the curvaceous backside "Baby Got Back," in which he chastised women's magazines for purporting the notion that extremely slender is the epitome of sexy. Yet the science is in: gentlemen prefer bodies. One 2010 study even found that looking at curvaceous women affect them much in the same was as drugs or alcohol. Literally, they are getting drunk on women's breasts, hips, and ass. The average man doesn't have the constitution for such rich vintages.

Kelly Brook is in fine company.

There was Jayne Mansfield, the pioneer of curvy foxes selling her silhouette on screen while the men of the day hooted, hollered, made wolf noises, or whatever they did back then. Today we have Sofia Vegara, Vida Guerra, and Kelly Brook, in photoshoots and videos, seemingly existing only to be sexy and to be adored. Even before the age of film, women with curves were the center of adoration. I imagine both Cleopatra and Helen of Troy had it going on.

And we can't forget The Kardashians. These women, curvy some might say to the extreme, have no discernible talents and yet they have one of the most popular reality shows on television. Well, at least it was, this year the ratings are down. I am sure they have a variety of stunts and contrived drama planned to rescue the sinking ship, but the most telling is that Kim Kardashian had her ass x-rayed to prove that her curves are real ' thereby proving her appeal is legitimate as well, considering she rose to fame off of the strength of a sex tape. And why shouldn't she, as long as she owns it.

Sophia Vergara
Sophia Vergara

SofĂ­a Margarita Vergara Vergara, born July 10, 1972, is a Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess and model. As of 2012 Vergara stars on the ABC series Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, for which she was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Comedy Actress. | Sophia Vergara, Actress, Model, Sexy, Columbia,

I understand the problems inherent in my argument.
I am man saying that men prefer curvaceous women because it is both visually appealing and speaks to those deeper evolutionary impulses about bearing children and so on. Is it misogynistic? Maybe. Is it honest? Absolutely. For a long time women have been seen and treated as sexual objects, sure. But, me? I came of age in the nineties, when men were sensitive and chicks smoked cigars. I was raised by women and I served in the US Army with women, and I am the father of a ten-year old soon-to-be-woman. I know the value of the female gender and I know that it goes beyond the kind of curves that make grown men hang their mouths open and stare.

There are stereotypes of masculinity out there and many mustachioed poets and musicians told me, through the culture, I didn't have to be like that as I came of age. However, that didn't change the fact that those hallmarks of masculinity ' muscles, strong hands, full head of hair, et. al. ' are the most appealing traits to many women I know. The same is true for women. They are so much more than just curves, but that doesn't change the fact that the eyes of men and fashion photographers and filmmakers alike are drawn to those iconic curves. Own it. God knows, Kelly Brook does.

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