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Doutzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes
Doutzen Kroes, born 23 January 1985, is a Dutch model and actress, who is currently one of the Victoria's Secret Angels. She started working for the brand in 2004 and became an Angel in 2008. As a young girl, Kroes aspired to be a professional speed skater. | Doutzen Kroes, Model, Actress, Victorias Secret,

Doutzen Kroes: Sexy elegance without bearing it all

There seems to be a trend these days: as it gets hotter, shirts are becoming skimpier; skirts and shorts are shrinking; and overall, women are showing much more skin than they used to. This is more understandable in the summertime, but even in cooler months we see people dressing as though it were July. The more skin we show, the better'at least, that seems to be the train of thought behind the outfits.

But this is not necessarily so. There comes a point where showing too much skin crosses the line from sexy to distasteful, and the appeal of a scanty outfit is lost. Sometimes it is ultimately more appealing to hide a little instead of revealing everything. Holding some back leaves room for imagination; and a bit of mystery multiplies the appeal of an outfit tenfold without the wearer having to do anything.

This is easier to accomplish in the cooler months, when wearing heavier clothes is not as much of a chore. Classics such as the trench, knee-length skirt, and button-up shirt never go out of style. They are attractive in a different way than what we are seeing now: They are demure and sweet, but they also have flair and a certain magnetism without baring our bodies too much. They mix sexiness and class, and put attitude to the forefront instead of the skin that we show.

But this is summer, and thoughts of sweaters and trench-coats are far from most people's minds. A style akin to this mixture, however, is always possible. A fitted tank paired with an A-line skirt and sandals, or a sleeveless blouse and shorts, are all we need. There is no reason to wear a skirt so short that we are constantly wondering if our undies are showing. We can wear clothes that are as skimpy as we like; but if we do not "own it," we are not doing ourselves any good. Confidence is as important as anything.

Leave bathing suits and the skimpiest of clothes for the beach or the hottest summer days. Pair clothes wisely: a shorter skirt with a long-sleeved top, or a sleeveless shirt with Capri's and sandals. For cooler months, a bulky sweater with slim jeans and boots, or a pencil skirt with a collared shirt and blazer, are always a good way to go. Choose garments with surprising details: heeled sandals with bright red soles or a shirt with embroidery on one sleeve catch people's attention. A graceful simple style can go both ways. Sometimes, it is not what we are wearing; but how we wear it, that counts. Sexiness is about attitude; and a classy, fun style can go either way. This way, we get to choose.

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